Wet Basement Mold/Moisture

Basement moisture is common in many homes, located in Cape Cod and Southeast Massachusets. This is due to an high water tables, humidity, and coastal storms that can produce a lot of rain in a short amount of time. Due to excessive moisture, mold growth can occur in our basements. This can cause efflorescence and spalling of concrete basement walls and also damages wood structures and furnishings. Usually the moldy growth is confined to the basement space, but due to a stacking effect air can travel upwards  towards the living space above and  the attic. Most homeowners try to eliminate in the moisture usually by installing a dehumidifier, as this is considered an easy fix to the problem, but not always the right one.


THE RIGHT ONE. For one dehumidifiers harbor bacteria and run up energy bill. Using a dehumidifier dries the basement air, but it also causes foundation moisture to be drawn into the basement even faster. Moisture always travels toward a dry space. The best way to deal with moisture in the basement is to keep it from getting in there to begin with. There are other answers... call us now for YOUR WET BASEMENT INSPECTION!