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"We were having some people in our administrative office complain that they were feeling ill with headaches and nausea in certain parts of the building. After a through investigation we had noticed what looked like some mold spores in some areas of the building on the walls. I was recommended to Leo from Healthy Homes a certified mold inspector and remediation contractor located in Chatham Ma. Leo was very prompt and very experienced in all areas of mold. He performed several sample tests throughout the building and sent the samples to a certified lab. The results came back and showed the areas that a specific mold was present and it could cause headaches and nausea in very sensitive people. Leo recommended a through cleaning with special mold cleaners for the entire facility. Leo was able to determine it was not present in any of the wall cavities or heating and air condition duct work which would of cost us several thousands to have to replace. Being a non for profit Health Care organization Leo fully understood the cost complications and was very honest in his recommendations. We followed his recommendations and he was able to do a full clean of the entire building. After Leo finished he did a new sample test and sure enough it came back negative and our employees immediately noticed a difference in the air quality and the issues they were having went away. I would highly recommend Healthy Homes as Leo has such a vast knowledge of this industry and is very trust worthy always looking out for the most cost effective way to solve your air quality issues and is very pleasant to work with."


Bob LaFrance

"Leo is a true professional in every sense. Hi knowledge, integrity and concern for costs made me feel very confident in his opinions. His work is excellent. I would recommend him highly."

Nancy Berquist

"I have used Healthy Home Inspections on two of our family homes and am impressed with the honesty and professionalism of the company and its crew. I feel that I was given detailed expectations of costs after expert test results. Health Home Inspections report's were helpful in obtaining insurance coverage as well. In short, Healthy Home Inspections provides fair, friendly and top of the line service."

Frank Corsini

"We have hired Leo and Healthy Home Inspections for many remediation projects, Leo has many years of experience in this field, and has been an asset to our company. Leo shows up on time, does what he says he is going to do, and communicates well."

David Murpjy

"Excellent service the owner is a true professional. Healthy Homes Inspections provided me guidance and advice through the whole process, they were very fair with their estimate and the final pricing was spot on. I would recommend their service to anyone."

Leo M