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Our Mold Inspection vthe Free Mold Inspections

Many companies in the mold repair and remediation business are offering free mold inspections. But are they really free? It's in your best interest to have an independant environmental inspection company do the mold inspection and testing for you. In comparison, Healthy Home Inspections MA, offers a comprehensive inspection, not just in the area the damage has occurred, but we perform exterior and interior checks, which includes; guttering, landscape grading, siding condition, attic insullation and ventilation, energy efficiency and basement space.


Healthy Home Inspections MA provides you with an inspection report and recommendations for needed repairs. Unfortunately we do have to charge for our inspection. We cannot recoup the cost of the inspection by including it in a repair estimate, because we inspect, test and consult, but we don't make the repairs or do the remediation. We will make referrals to companies that do. We are experts in what we do!


Healthy Home Environmental Inspections serves all of Cape Cod and Southeast Massachusets. It’s important that you contract the services of a professional and certified mold inspector. Our investigators are certified mold inspectors. We value certification, education, and professional experience.


Using proven technology and industry standards we use the following tools to locate and classify your mold issues.


  • Thermal Imaging helps identify hidden moisture zones, which promotes biological growth.

  • Professional Moisture Meters

  • Calibrated Indoor Air Quality equipment

  • Sterile sampling equipment.

  • Digital hygrometers to measure the relative humidity throughout the property.

  • Flexible boroscopes to see behind wall cavities and other hard to reach areas.

  • Priority processing for certified lab reports.


At the end of the inspection process you will be supplied a comprehensive report indicating any issues which we have located. If you choose to opt for laboratory sampling you will receive an additional report indicating the type of molds discovered, the quantity found, and a guide of any health related issues associated.


Don't ignor any strange odors occurring within your home. These odors can come from a variety of things. Call Healthy Home Inspections MA for the answers.


Affordable Pricing

In these challenging economic times we are proud to offer affordable pricing on all of our inspection services!